About Me, Myself & I

I’m a self-professed Starbuck’s addict and as a general rule survive on coffee and pizza. It does little for the waistline, but keeps the creative juices flowing downstream. I’m passionate (or obsessive-compulsive) about many things, but primarily pertaining to language and the written word. What’s better than spending the day curled up with a good book or disecting the lines of a favorite movie?

I’ve published news stories and award winning poetry. I’ve started writing several books, but after a couple years’ hiatus, I believe I now know where God wants me to be.

After over 25 years of marriage, two kids and two grand babies, I probably spend too much time talking about them. But I would like to think when I share, I show you more of “me” and become more relatable through my experiences.

Please grab a cup of joe and kick back for another exciting adventure.


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Words are as air… one cannot survive without them.

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