Day 109 – Idol, White Wedding, and Sleep

Let’s start with my fodder from Idol. Last night’s performances of Carol King tunes, which is ALL the rage with hipsters these days, was interesting. I have to wonder if this theme was chosen to keep the two remaining females in the competition as it really doesn’t make much sense no matter how you look at it. There were 6 solos and 3 duets and I have to say at this point – not really a fan of any of the duets last night. But one contestant stood out from the rest of the pack, again. James Durbin. He totally slayed “Will You Still Love me?” and was by far the best of the night. So… predictions on who I think will be in what position after the votes are tallied:

Top 3
1. James – that was outstanding. Bar none the best.
2. Casey – It wasn’t as good as past performances, but not much competition tonight
3. Scotty – All things being equal, parts were really good and it was nice to see him not rely on the LOWs in his voice.

Bottom 3
4. Lauren – She sang it safe and predictable. I’m still confused as to how one’s voice cracking qualifies one as a good singer.
5. Haley – So-So performance.
6. Jacob – Has got to go. And whoever dressed him like a spastic golfer had to have been drunk.

In other news, tomorrow there will be a new princess in England. While many really don’t care, I’m looking forward to seeing this little event. I don’t know that I will get up at 0300, but I do want to see bits and pieces. It’s a cool day for Great Britain and I hope they enjoy the show.

Because of the wedding, I will experience a lack of sleep. I don’t know about you, but my functionality of this week is already waning and I need a nap even as I write this. Somehow, there is a great force in the universe that has put up a blockade against my efforts to snooze, but hopefully, I will go to bed a wee bit early and get a few good hours in. I hope.
More later…


Day 107 – Part Deux

The Hayes side of the family hasn’t been known for it’s fabulous health for a long time. I try to keep the complaining down to a minimum, but today I have to say I feel crummy. Massive upset tummy for the past two days, pain in my tummy and I ended up with a migraine at work this afternoon that took 3, count them, three Excedrine migraines to flush out. Not even Billy Joel could help that one… in fact I want to blame Billy Joel and using massive amounts of brain power to try to remember the lyrics to that stupid song. However, I was saved by a friend of mine who posted the entire song on my Facebook page. God bless you, BJ!

We are having a family dinner at the in-laws tonight. I love them and want to see them. I do not however wish to consume much in the way of food. I have a feeling my body will reject any and all attempts to get some vital nutrition in it. So far today I have had a large cup of chocolate silk, an egg with a little bit of wellll drained sausage, some rice, an orange and a 6 pack of Oreos to eat when I took the migraine meds. Not overly healthy, eh? (Long drawn out sigh here.) Hopefully dinner will be light.

“Deadliest Catch” is on tonight. Woot!!! I love that show. I know I have mentioned it before, but I’m sure that after I watch it, I will consider my aches and pains a little more trivial. I can’t imagine what it’s REALLY like up on the Bering Sea, but based on what I have seen… those men are truly men of steel.

Time to leave for dinner… Hugs!

Day 107 – Billy Joel

I’ve been stuck on Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Star the Fire” all day today much to the disdain of those around me. I didn’t even realize I was humming it out loud until an officer came by and started feeding me the lyrics. Now I’m trying to remember the entire song. I have a couple of verses down, but I don’t want to cheat and look it up on the net. Hate it when the memory goes… but I’m sure my brain is filled with much more important stuff like where in the heck I left my car keys. Again.

Day 104 – Under the Weather

I’m pretty sure if you feel under the weather, you can feel on top of it. However, right now I have to thank DH for this cold or whatever that has invaded my body. So much for enjoying my mini-vacation. Ugh. Not a fan. Right now I’m lying in bed getting ready to go take yet another nap.

This nap will be accompanied by Adele’s new album “21” which I received as a gifty-poo from my sister. It’s most awesome. She has such a great blusey sound which I totally dig. Rock on. I have to admit I hadn’t heard Adele’s latest single until Haley performed it on AI. She did a great job and I’ve contemplated buying her version as well.

Speaking of American Idol. I am SO glad Stefano is gone. Phew. I was sweating bullets on that on. He sucks. Now to figure out who I want to go home next. Decisions, decisions. BTW – I loved James Durbin’s take on Muse’s “Uprising.” It’s a great arrangement and has some substance which I really appreciated.

Well, I can honestly say I could write more, but my eyes are crossing which means I obviously need to get some rest. I think this is just one of those cold / virus type of things and I’ve been sucking down meds to keep the symptoms and the low-grade fever at bay. So time for a nap. Ciao….

Day 102 – Lost

Sometimes it’s really hard to deal with the fact you can’t find what you are looking for. I’m a curious person and I love digging deeper to find answers, but sometimes those answers are too deep to be easily located and frustration sets in. I’m at that point. Hopefully something will turn up soon.

An apple,a veggie omlet and some hashbrowns were breakfast and an orange (thus far) for lunch consists of my food intake today. No wonder I’m starving right now. I desperately want some oreo cookies out of the vending machine, but don’t know if I will succumb to the temptation. Probably so.

Listening to the IPod while at work today. Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive” came on and now all I want to do is go home and watch “Deadliest Catch.” Sad, but true.

Tomorrow begins a 4 day weekend over the Easter break. I’m looking forward to some extra time off and getting a few things done around the house. I need to start dividing up stuff into keep, toss, donate and pack boxes. I figure one of these days either DH or myself will have to find a better job somewhere and better to start sooner rather than later. I figure the garage is first on the list of things to tackle. (Ugh.)

Oreo cookies are winning out right now… searching for quarters as I write this (because I am extremely good at multi-tasking.) And with that said… I have 6 little oreo cookies screaming my name… so much for willpower. Adios for now.

Day 99 – A Royal Wedding and Other Stuff

Kate Middleton is about to marry Diana’s eldest, William, and when she joins the House of Windsor this year, her official title will become ‘Her Royal Highness the Princess William of Wales’. I have to admit it. I’m a sucker for a royal wedding. It all started when Princess Diana married Prince Charles, who I am not a fan of. But Diana captured the hearts of I would say half the universe and her wedding was watched by millions around the globe. (Yes, I woke up freakishly early for that event.) Since I’m sure that Kate and Will’s nuptuals will be televised, guess who will be watching? (If I really have to answer that, something is seriously wrong.)

I try not to complain too much about Mondays. This has been a “Moooonnndaaaaaay.” I’m sitting here listening to Wayne Newton’s “Danke Schoen.” For whatever reason, it makes me a little happier. Ironically(?) Bon Jovi’s “Have a Nice Day” came on the IPod after Wayne. Rock on, Jon.

The brakes on the car finally went FUBAR and I got a new set put on today < Insert Snoopy Happy-Dance here>.
I was very, VERY blessed because it only cost me a couple of Benjamins and it could have been much worse. In fact, I think my car is now worth a couple of Benjamins and a full tank of gas . I am starting to think about getting a new(er) vehicle… something maybe in THIS decade. I’m not sure what I want to do yet. I’m going to do a LOT of research on the subject before I commit to buying a new(er) vehicle. After all, the Pontiac has lasted me 15 years so far. I can honestly say I’ve gotten my monies’ worth on it.

There is some discussion going on about DH getting a new job and possibly moving to a new and interesting place. Personally, I wouldn’t mind Dallas or New York, though I really don’t see that happening right now. However, I think it’s well past time to get out of the Texas Panhandle. I love the sunsets (ans sunrises.) I love the smell of horses in the morning and many other things about this flat and windy place. However, I think change is good too and maybe, just maybe, it’s time for one.

Finally… I know there is something on TV I wanted to watch tonight, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it is. I hate it when that happens. I don’t know if I’m going senile or what. And I’m frantically scrolling through my TV Guide app in order to remember. OY!!!! It’s not Dancing with the Stars even though it’s on tonight. I don’t know. Nothing is ringing a bell. I guess I’ll just play it by ear and try to remember.
Hope the evening goes well for you…
I’m outta here

Day 96 -Friday!

I still stand by my previous American Idol post. I think Stefano should have gone home; however, Paul’s performance was forgetable. Because of that, I think is why he didn’t get that many votes and went home. I also am of the belief that there are people who don’t vote for their favourites because they believe they are “safe” and others will vote for them. It was nice though to see Paul perform Maggie May yet again. Now the song is stuck in my head. It will be interesting to see what happens next week on FOX. Stay tuned.

Day 95 – A Question

I’d like to say I have been productive today, but I really haven’t. I figure I’ll get back into the quick of things momentarily. For whatever reason I just HAD to rework my blog page. It still needs a little bit of re-design, but for the moment I am pretty happy with what I’ve done. Now it’s time for the Question.

Is there anything particular you would like to know or would like me to write about? I’ll be happy to oblige. Just send me a comment and I’ll add it to the mix….
Happy Thursday

Day 95 – A Few Notes

I love the purple haze that settles over the city in the mornings when the sun is coming up behind the buildings. It’s always calming and makes me realize how much I love the “city.” I suppose I’m kind of a big-city girl at heart. I love the open plains and the way you can see for miles as the sun sets in the evening, but there’s something about the way the sun moves and highlights the buildings that’s pretty awesome to me.

I’m taking a quick break and chowing down on an orange. So far, the “diet” has been going well this week and only a few challenges to will-power. I have not deprived myself, but I am being careful to keep things in line with what I need to be eating. So… more fruits and veggies and less crap. As a result of that and some 20 minute workouts (walking, elliptical and such,) I am already noticing a wee, small, little change in the way the pants are fitting. This is a good sign and motivation to keep things going. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for lunch today as I didn’t pack one this morning. I’m thinking maybe a chicken breast, spinach and some salad (that veggie thing is all important.) This is under the assumption I can get Jesus to make this for me.

I watched American Idol last night and just for the record… LOVED the show. There are so many great songs from movies that it would be really hard to narrow down what to sing. There is this little part of me that was hoping someone would TRY to sing the theme song from “Titanic” because it’s one of the hardest to try to master.
But in case you missed it…
Paul’s performance of Bob Segar was forgetable, but don’t know if he will go home. It’s not that he did a bad job, but by the end of the show I actually had to try to remember what he sang.
Haley totally butchered “Call Me” by Blondie. I understand what she was going for, but when you compare it to the original, it comes across as screamy. I think she wore the outfit she did because her singing wasn’t singing.
Casey Abrams did “Nature Boy” and while I love the Nat King Cole song, I think he jinxed himself. I don’t know if that America would see him as an “idol” after that jazz performance.
Stefano and Jacob. Ugh. Can’t stand Stefano at all and Jacob’s Idol career was saved tonight by the song choice, “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” suggested by the mentors. If he had gone with his choices, I’m sure he would have gone home.
Favorites of the night were:
James Durbin doing “Heavy Metal) – he ROCKED it out. I am hoping that next week will be something totally different. He’s a rocker and I would love to hear him doing a rock ballad.
I also enjoyed Lauren Aliana’s “The Climb.” This Miley Cyrus song is a good one and she totally trumped Ms. Cyrus. She was a little bit pitchy in parts, but overall, she sounds so much better than Billy Ray’s princess.
Scotty doin George Straight’s song, “I Cross My Heart” was obvious. He’s good, but I wonder if he’s getting predictable. I would like to see him branch out, take a chance and all that good stuff.

Tonight’s result show should be interesting. There’s some great talent there; however, at this stage in the competition, I would say it’s all about song choice. Tune in for the results tonight on FOX.

Day 92 – Already

It’s been 92 days since I started writing again – writing in the form of a blog, about something, about nothing, but about me and the little things that make up my life. This means for the past three months, I’ve expended just enough mental energy to say some things that you may or not care about. I have to wonder what 992 is going to say?

Tomorrow night is the season premier of “Deadliest Catch.” I love this show, but it’s not going to be the same without Captain Phil Harris on the Cornelia Marie. I have to say I loved that guy and the way he dealt with his crew and his family. He had a wicked awesome sense of humor and a straightforwardness that didn’t go unappreciated. There is this one episode that Josh, the oldest son, makes a bet with the Cornelia crew that he can throw the line and nail the buoys. Phil speeds the boat up, slows it down, moves it out and in… it’s all in good fun, but it’s evident the son enjoyed showing dear old dad what he could do. This is the first season since Phil died at the age of 53 (stroke)… it’s going to be interesting to see what’s come of the Cornelia Marie, Josh and Jake.

On that note – time for bed. I’m tired and my knee still feels a little puny. Tomorrow is another day. Goodnight Moon.