Day 95 – A Question

I’d like to say I have been productive today, but I really haven’t. I figure I’ll get back into the quick of things momentarily. For whatever reason I just HAD to rework my blog page. It still needs a little bit of re-design, but for the moment I am pretty happy with what I’ve done. Now it’s time for the Question.

Is there anything particular you would like to know or would like me to write about? I’ll be happy to oblige. Just send me a comment and I’ll add it to the mix….
Happy Thursday

Day 95 – A Few Notes

I love the purple haze that settles over the city in the mornings when the sun is coming up behind the buildings. It’s always calming and makes me realize how much I love the “city.” I suppose I’m kind of a big-city girl at heart. I love the open plains and the way you can see for miles as the sun sets in the evening, but there’s something about the way the sun moves and highlights the buildings that’s pretty awesome to me.

I’m taking a quick break and chowing down on an orange. So far, the “diet” has been going well this week and only a few challenges to will-power. I have not deprived myself, but I am being careful to keep things in line with what I need to be eating. So… more fruits and veggies and less crap. As a result of that and some 20 minute workouts (walking, elliptical and such,) I am already noticing a wee, small, little change in the way the pants are fitting. This is a good sign and motivation to keep things going. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for lunch today as I didn’t pack one this morning. I’m thinking maybe a chicken breast, spinach and some salad (that veggie thing is all important.) This is under the assumption I can get Jesus to make this for me.

I watched American Idol last night and just for the record… LOVED the show. There are so many great songs from movies that it would be really hard to narrow down what to sing. There is this little part of me that was hoping someone would TRY to sing the theme song from “Titanic” because it’s one of the hardest to try to master.
But in case you missed it…
Paul’s performance of Bob Segar was forgetable, but don’t know if he will go home. It’s not that he did a bad job, but by the end of the show I actually had to try to remember what he sang.
Haley totally butchered “Call Me” by Blondie. I understand what she was going for, but when you compare it to the original, it comes across as screamy. I think she wore the outfit she did because her singing wasn’t singing.
Casey Abrams did “Nature Boy” and while I love the Nat King Cole song, I think he jinxed himself. I don’t know if that America would see him as an “idol” after that jazz performance.
Stefano and Jacob. Ugh. Can’t stand Stefano at all and Jacob’s Idol career was saved tonight by the song choice, “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” suggested by the mentors. If he had gone with his choices, I’m sure he would have gone home.
Favorites of the night were:
James Durbin doing “Heavy Metal) – he ROCKED it out. I am hoping that next week will be something totally different. He’s a rocker and I would love to hear him doing a rock ballad.
I also enjoyed Lauren Aliana’s “The Climb.” This Miley Cyrus song is a good one and she totally trumped Ms. Cyrus. She was a little bit pitchy in parts, but overall, she sounds so much better than Billy Ray’s princess.
Scotty doin George Straight’s song, “I Cross My Heart” was obvious. He’s good, but I wonder if he’s getting predictable. I would like to see him branch out, take a chance and all that good stuff.

Tonight’s result show should be interesting. There’s some great talent there; however, at this stage in the competition, I would say it’s all about song choice. Tune in for the results tonight on FOX.

Day 92 – Already

It’s been 92 days since I started writing again – writing in the form of a blog, about something, about nothing, but about me and the little things that make up my life. This means for the past three months, I’ve expended just enough mental energy to say some things that you may or not care about. I have to wonder what 992 is going to say?

Tomorrow night is the season premier of “Deadliest Catch.” I love this show, but it’s not going to be the same without Captain Phil Harris on the Cornelia Marie. I have to say I loved that guy and the way he dealt with his crew and his family. He had a wicked awesome sense of humor and a straightforwardness that didn’t go unappreciated. There is this one episode that Josh, the oldest son, makes a bet with the Cornelia crew that he can throw the line and nail the buoys. Phil speeds the boat up, slows it down, moves it out and in… it’s all in good fun, but it’s evident the son enjoyed showing dear old dad what he could do. This is the first season since Phil died at the age of 53 (stroke)… it’s going to be interesting to see what’s come of the Cornelia Marie, Josh and Jake.

On that note – time for bed. I’m tired and my knee still feels a little puny. Tomorrow is another day. Goodnight Moon.

Day 91 – Not So Positive

I woke up this morning and my knee hurt. It wasn’t the kind of hurt that you can really get past with positive thinking. It was the kind of hurt where you try to walk and the pain shoots all the way up your leg, grips your intestines and makes you wanna throw up. It’s been over 10 years since I felt that kind of pain in my knee and I’m sure it’s back because I haven’t been exercising, my diet has been shit and I weigh a good 50 pounds more than I should.

I didn’t get this out of shape over night and I don’t think I can get back in shape that quickly. I’m sure some of this has been brought on by the walking I’ve been doing as my knee has taken a little bit of a pounding. Walking is good, but I am sure I have over done it. Tomorrow shall be a new day where all of that is concerned will start changing. I am going to take my lunch, eat healthy and find my way to the gym tomorrow. I am also going to remember to take it slow.

Day 88 – Positivity

There are a lot of jobs in the universe… some good, some bad, some downright ugly. However, I have decided the one I will never work, no matter how bleak a situation could be is: porta-potty drainer. Once a week, I see this guy outside the PD emptying the porta-potty used by the construction crew. Now, it’s bad enough to think that a lot of people have to use this little potty-coffin with no ventilation and no way to wash their hands afterward. In the middle of summer, I have to say that those little towers of terror are NOT a place to hang out for any period of time and if you do have to use one, pray the person(s) before you were not sick with any kind of stomach virus. However, to be the person that drains the crap and carts it away: ewwwww….

On a more positive note, I’m trying to be more positive about things around me. I have had quite the negative energy going for quite awhile and I have to say that being positive takes a lot of work. It’s much easier to be negative about things going on around us. Now, I’m not even close to where I need to be on this matter; however, I find myself having a much better day when trying to find the bright side of situations.
Case in point: My car has ISSUES. (Note the bold caps…) However, approaching the situation in a more positive light, I am grateful that I have a car, the car is still running and it takes me from point A to point B. I could literally sit and list all of the things wrong with it, but I figure if I only try to focus on the positives, surely the car will keep running. And if for some reason it doesn’t, I am positive I will receive a “new” car with minimal fuss and nonsense.

Some other things I am adding to my more positive outlook on life include “attracting” positive things to me. Instead of focusing on the bills and the debt load, I am focusing on the fact that God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and will provide for us. Instead of focusing the fact I am a little chunky, I am focusing on the fact I am beautifully made and need to remember that. I believe that God didn’t intend for us to live lives without abundance, I think we (in general) seem to think we can get and do everything ourselves, but without reliance on the Lord, we are nothing and can achieve nothing.

Yesterday, I utilized the power of positive thinking and Kate’s dress came in the mail and Kyle received another project. I really reached and believed I was going to win the state lottery last night with a bunch of co-workers. Did it happen? No. Am I disappointed? No. I believe that God has something bigger and better for me.

Day 85 – Yummy Sabotage

My stomach thought my throat had been cut this morning. The solution was a Chorizo Breakfast Burrito – made by Jesus. Jesus isn’t Christ himself (though I’m certain a breakfast burrito made by the King of Kings would be AWESOME.) You have to speak Spanish please – the J is a soft H and the rest is pronounced “zeus.”

I’m not a big proponent of the Spanish language, which is somewhat surprising to me because I love the romance languages as a general rule. It’s probably even more bizarre because I live in the great state of Texas, where there are wayyyy too many illegals who speak Spanish and REFUSE to learn how to speak English. I could go on a rant here, but just for the record, I have learned German and French and have no desire to learn to speak Spanish until they learn to speak English. (Rational or not.)

But back to the breakfast burrito…it was perfectly made with just the right combination of chorizo, eggs, onion and other spices that Jesus adds to make it yummilicious. I’m fairly certain this burrito has sabotaged the diet portion of my day. I’m trying to figure out of I should just beat myself into a complete guilt-ridden state or to blow it off. I’m tired of doing this to myself… if it’s not the burrito, it’s something else (ice cream generally tops that list.)

I also need to get to the gym. I’m paying for a membership I’m not using and that bothers me. However, it’s a catch 22. I go to the gym to feel better and look better, but the whole process of going to the gym when I feel / look like heck isn’t my idea of a good time. I know I need to just suck it up and do it, but I haven’t really found the motivation that will break through the self-loating I have at the moment. I have workout videos for the house, but (whether it’s an “excuse” or not) I can’t find a decent place to actually exercise at home so I need to get to the gym. Argh…. if nothing else, at least I’m honest, eh?

Well, I need to get back to work. On my breaks today I do plan on trying to take a walk around the PD, whether inside or out. It won’t burn a lot of calories, but every little bit helps.

Day 84 – Celebrities and Other Meltdowns

I appreciate Donald Trump and the empire he has created in “The Apprentice.” I haven’t really seen a version of “Celebrity Apprentice” until tonight and tonight made me realize no matter how old we get, we can still all act like 4th graders. Meatloaf spontaneously combusted all over Gary Busey and a slur of four letter words went flying through the air quicker than a time warp. (Thought I would throw that in there.) And in an oh-so poignant moment, the apology between the two was very sweet… or as sweet as it can be when two old celebrities hug on camera. In fact following the hug, I heard my favorite quote of the night: “…Dancing on a Rainbow with no fear. And no doubt.” It’s definitely something to think about.

Something else to think about – vacation. I need one. Somehow I need to save up a few dollars and get the heck out of dodge for a few days. Of course I want to go back to NYC for a week or two (or more), but realistically, I may just have to hang around the house and read some good books or something like that. I love to read and haven’t spent quite enough time doing that lately. Nice and relaxing.

I suppose I should start getting ready for bed and also figure out what I’m going to wear tomorrow. Goodnight moon….