Day 91 – Not So Positive

I woke up this morning and my knee hurt. It wasn’t the kind of hurt that you can really get past with positive thinking. It was the kind of hurt where you try to walk and the pain shoots all the way up your leg, grips your intestines and makes you wanna throw up. It’s been over 10 years since I felt that kind of pain in my knee and I’m sure it’s back because I haven’t been exercising, my diet has been shit and I weigh a good 50 pounds more than I should.

I didn’t get this out of shape over night and I don’t think I can get back in shape that quickly. I’m sure some of this has been brought on by the walking I’ve been doing as my knee has taken a little bit of a pounding. Walking is good, but I am sure I have over done it. Tomorrow shall be a new day where all of that is concerned will start changing. I am going to take my lunch, eat healthy and find my way to the gym tomorrow. I am also going to remember to take it slow.


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