Duck Duck Goose

What is the big deal with all the “celebrity duck faces” circling the internet? Seriously? Do we not have more important things to do than to watch celebrities quasi-pucker up? I am much more interested in Lindsey Lohan copying Pippa’s reception gown, the 6 foot wedding cake no one at Kim Kardashian’s wedding ate or the resumation of Kat Von D’s relationship with Jesse James now that LA Ink has been cancelled. If you believe any of that, I can probably get you a great water-front condo on the Brooklyn Bridge.

The last week has been nuts to say the least and I haven’t achieved any of the goals I set for myself, other than losing a whopping 4 pounds!!! Woot. (Doing a little jig here – did you feel the earth move? No. That’s because I’m 4 pounds lighter.) And on that note… I need to actually accomplish one goal before 1600 hours. Adios.


The Write Diet

Exhaustion makes me want to eat. Eating involves about 30 Oreo cookies.
The struggle is on today…. I’ve had three hours of sleep and when I’m tired I ALWAYS crave sugary snack foods.

I have been reading Julia Cameron’s book, “The Write Diet” which helps the writer in me process this whole weight loss journey in a different way. Something that has stuck with me after reading this is her list of 4 questions that are already making a huge difference for me.

Am I hungry?
Is this what I want to eat?
Is this what I want to eat now?
Is there something else I can eat instead?

I’m still trying to figure out the difference in hunger and the emotional eating habits that fall under “angry, bored, or tired.” However, when I get to questions two and three… I really stop and think about the “want” … and question 4 settles it. If I really do want the Oreo now, I would eat it. However, I can generally find something to eat instead that even if it has the same calories, has a better nutritional value.

Now that’s some food for thought….