The Write Diet

Exhaustion makes me want to eat. Eating involves about 30 Oreo cookies.
The struggle is on today…. I’ve had three hours of sleep and when I’m tired I ALWAYS crave sugary snack foods.

I have been reading Julia Cameron’s book, “The Write Diet” which helps the writer in me process this whole weight loss journey in a different way. Something that has stuck with me after reading this is her list of 4 questions that are already making a huge difference for me.

Am I hungry?
Is this what I want to eat?
Is this what I want to eat now?
Is there something else I can eat instead?

I’m still trying to figure out the difference in hunger and the emotional eating habits that fall under “angry, bored, or tired.” However, when I get to questions two and three… I really stop and think about the “want” … and question 4 settles it. If I really do want the Oreo now, I would eat it. However, I can generally find something to eat instead that even if it has the same calories, has a better nutritional value.

Now that’s some food for thought….


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