Day 104 – Under the Weather

I’m pretty sure if you feel under the weather, you can feel on top of it. However, right now I have to thank DH for this cold or whatever that has invaded my body. So much for enjoying my mini-vacation. Ugh. Not a fan. Right now I’m lying in bed getting ready to go take yet another nap.

This nap will be accompanied by Adele’s new album “21” which I received as a gifty-poo from my sister. It’s most awesome. She has such a great blusey sound which I totally dig. Rock on. I have to admit I hadn’t heard Adele’s latest single until Haley performed it on AI. She did a great job and I’ve contemplated buying her version as well.

Speaking of American Idol. I am SO glad Stefano is gone. Phew. I was sweating bullets on that on. He sucks. Now to figure out who I want to go home next. Decisions, decisions. BTW – I loved James Durbin’s take on Muse’s “Uprising.” It’s a great arrangement and has some substance which I really appreciated.

Well, I can honestly say I could write more, but my eyes are crossing which means I obviously need to get some rest. I think this is just one of those cold / virus type of things and I’ve been sucking down meds to keep the symptoms and the low-grade fever at bay. So time for a nap. Ciao….


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