Day 109 – Idol, White Wedding, and Sleep

Let’s start with my fodder from Idol. Last night’s performances of Carol King tunes, which is ALL the rage with hipsters these days, was interesting. I have to wonder if this theme was chosen to keep the two remaining females in the competition as it really doesn’t make much sense no matter how you look at it. There were 6 solos and 3 duets and I have to say at this point – not really a fan of any of the duets last night. But one contestant stood out from the rest of the pack, again. James Durbin. He totally slayed “Will You Still Love me?” and was by far the best of the night. So… predictions on who I think will be in what position after the votes are tallied:

Top 3
1. James – that was outstanding. Bar none the best.
2. Casey – It wasn’t as good as past performances, but not much competition tonight
3. Scotty – All things being equal, parts were really good and it was nice to see him not rely on the LOWs in his voice.

Bottom 3
4. Lauren – She sang it safe and predictable. I’m still confused as to how one’s voice cracking qualifies one as a good singer.
5. Haley – So-So performance.
6. Jacob – Has got to go. And whoever dressed him like a spastic golfer had to have been drunk.

In other news, tomorrow there will be a new princess in England. While many really don’t care, I’m looking forward to seeing this little event. I don’t know that I will get up at 0300, but I do want to see bits and pieces. It’s a cool day for Great Britain and I hope they enjoy the show.

Because of the wedding, I will experience a lack of sleep. I don’t know about you, but my functionality of this week is already waning and I need a nap even as I write this. Somehow, there is a great force in the universe that has put up a blockade against my efforts to snooze, but hopefully, I will go to bed a wee bit early and get a few good hours in. I hope.
More later…


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