Day 107 – Part Deux

The Hayes side of the family hasn’t been known for it’s fabulous health for a long time. I try to keep the complaining down to a minimum, but today I have to say I feel crummy. Massive upset tummy for the past two days, pain in my tummy and I ended up with a migraine at work this afternoon that took 3, count them, three Excedrine migraines to flush out. Not even Billy Joel could help that one… in fact I want to blame Billy Joel and using massive amounts of brain power to try to remember the lyrics to that stupid song. However, I was saved by a friend of mine who posted the entire song on my Facebook page. God bless you, BJ!

We are having a family dinner at the in-laws tonight. I love them and want to see them. I do not however wish to consume much in the way of food. I have a feeling my body will reject any and all attempts to get some vital nutrition in it. So far today I have had a large cup of chocolate silk, an egg with a little bit of wellll drained sausage, some rice, an orange and a 6 pack of Oreos to eat when I took the migraine meds. Not overly healthy, eh? (Long drawn out sigh here.) Hopefully dinner will be light.

“Deadliest Catch” is on tonight. Woot!!! I love that show. I know I have mentioned it before, but I’m sure that after I watch it, I will consider my aches and pains a little more trivial. I can’t imagine what it’s REALLY like up on the Bering Sea, but based on what I have seen… those men are truly men of steel.

Time to leave for dinner… Hugs!


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