Day 121 – What Not to Wear

In the overall scheme of things, there are many things a person shouldn’t wear, even though it sounds like a great idea at the time.

Do not wear light colored pants if you are wearing underwear that has polka-dots or a dark-colored, floral design on them. I’d say someone got dressed in the dark to miss that or they didn’t realize their pants were that “thin.” However, I’ve seen it twice today and in one of those instances, my eyeballs need to be flushed with NAPALM and even that won’t get the image out of my head.

Along the lines of clothing disasters, I know I’m among the minority and want clothes to fit, but I don’t want them to actually hug my body. There are several comfy reasons to this, but primarily I don’t need everyone in any kind of radius counting the bumps and bulges my body has collected. Yesterday, there was a woman who was wearing a tight shirt. I know this is all the fashion rage, but when I can count three ridges above the muffin-top, something is wrong. Let’s leave the tight fitting clothes to movie stars who always seem anorexic to me.

And let’s talk glam… prom season is here. I actually like prom season because there are some gorgeous dresses out there. And there are some that make you wonder what the heck happened?
Case in point:

I would have to say this poor thing was attacked by someone who wanted their bed linens back. Honey, Paris Hilton couldn’t pull this look off.

And when talking about bad prom dresses. Does anyone besides me remember the 80’s? I actually still have my senior prom dress (at my parent’s house, where I am NOT living.) But if you don’t remember some of the horiffic creations, either watch “Pretty in Pink” or “Never Been Kissed.” I prefer the later because of Josie Geller’s dress. It’s prime 80’s material as evidenced here:

The big sleeves and puffy dresses aren’t my ideal of “fashion.” And I have to admit, I can’t stand when attending 80′s throwback parties because I can never seem to find something to wear that I actually LIKE… (Another blog all together, I’m sure.)

Hopefully you have not fallen into any of these fashion traps and if you have, I would recommend you seek professional counselling and a stylist immediately.


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