Day 5 – Cinco de Cel

I was talking to a friend about the theoretical question: Would you rather be deaf or blind? I don’t know if it’s strange or not, but that’s a hard question for me to answer, but answer I did. I chose deafness. Trust me, I pray for neither. However, to never see the sunrise, to see my daughters and someday their children or to drive was a more unbearable thought than to greatly miss all of the great music in the world, the birds singing in the trees and the sound of a gentle spring rain. However, my friend said she would choose to be blind. When I raised the eyebrow and asked why her answer was interesting to me. She said without vision she could “see” past another person’s physical attributes which would make her a less judgemental person and therefore a better person. I agreed that could be the case. Then surprisingly, she said, “Isn’t that the way God is?” God does judge us for our actions, but he “sees” us with his heart. This is definitely a good point to ponder for a bit.

Life Lesson #5 Marry your best friend. It’s helpful in those moment where you literally trip and fall and they don’t laugh at you nearly as much.

Health & Fitness #5 Not feeling quite up to snuff at the moment. Earlier tonight was out with the hubby walking the dog and had some pain pop into the picture in a way I hadn’t quite anticipated. Made it home, went to bed and here I am because I was woken up and I can’t go back to sleep (hate that.) Hopefully will feel like sleeping shortly.

Food & Drink #5 No words of wisdom today. However, I did rely on some processed protein type bars to help keep hunger at bay. First time in awhile I met my protein requirements. The Zone bars are probably my favorite and one especially is the Chocolate Mint. They have inklings of Girl Scout Cookies attached.

Food tally for the day:

Breakfast: 1 Cup of Light Chocolate Silk and a Kashi Go lean Chocolate Truffle “roll” (190/12) and 6 grams of fiber (probably an important part of being healthy.)
Morning Snack: 20 grapes (Yum), 15 baby carrots and a cheese stick
Lunch: Tuna and a Zone Dark Chocolate bar. (Kept me away from the cookies and candy.)
Afternoon Snack: Small rice krispie snack (Literally two bites.)
Dinner: Smaller portion of spaghetti, whole wheat noodles, and veggies

Feeding the Spirit # We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature – trees, flowers, grass – grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence… We need silence to be able to touch souls.
Mother Teresa


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