Day 11 – Humpty Dance

J. and I went and got our nails done after I got off work. She had hers done fairly recently at a different place, but the work done wasn’t the best or J. is really hard on her nails. I took her back to our usual haunt and she got the BRIGHTEST neon green tips I think I have seen. As for me, usual French manicure. One of these days I’m going to break out of the “rut,” but I still don’t think I’ll go as whacky as I would have when I’m younger. I just think the French manicures look pretty sharp.

This is day three of officially feeling like crap. Excuse me while I bitch for just a moment, but I have to say that I have been hurting and while I have a doctor’s appointment next Tuesday, I’m not thrilled with having a hard time sitting. (So the only reason I got my nails done and sitting for an hour was because it had been almost a month and they had really started looking like crapola.) After sleeping all night and getting some rest, I’m actually okay, but somewhere around 10-11am, it gets uncomfortable. Hopefully the doc will have a solution that I can live with. (Keeping my fingers crossed here.)

I also watched American Idol. There were a couple of peeps I thought were really good. Jennifer Lopez looked gorgeous as always and Steven Tyler… ok….Let’s talk turkey. Is it just me or has he had some bad facework done to try to hide the signs of aging? I know Tyler / Aerosmith has been around for YEARS, but I was just a little spooked. And, frankly, it was even spookier to me to watch him leer at some of the PYT’s. Come on dude… really?

Health & Fitness #11 I walked around the PD a few times today, but that’s the extent of fitness. Still not quite feeling up to snuff and that was all the body would handle today. However, I figure that ANY movement is better than none at all. So, score one point for doing something proactive.

Feeding the Spirit #11

Family is just accident…. they don’t mean to get on your nerves. They don’t even mean to be your family, they just are.
– Marsha Norman

For whatever reason, this quote really spoke to me. It puts things in perspective and I’ve used it a few times to try to explain things to kids who are having troubles with family members. Rather fitting.


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