Day 13 – Friday YAY!!!!

Today I have tried to succeed in doing nothing. At this point, I have failed because I have done quite a bit of work today. I’m waiting on phone calls and hope they either return my call quickly or don’t call at all. I’m tired, I hurt and I want to lay down. However, I don’t think that’s at all possible at my desk. Someone might actually say something.

We had food day in my department. Excellent Mexican food. Tamales, beans, rice, chips / salsa / queso. And for dessert… German chocolate cake. What’s wrong with that picture? BTW – it may have been wrong, but was excessively yummalicious.

I have this pair of shoes that make sounds when I walk around the PD. They hit the lineoleum floors and that’s all she wrote. I am often told that I can’t sneak up behind anyone when I am wearing them. For a while I thought that was a bad thing, then I realized… do I really WANT to sneak up on a bunch of people carrying guns? I do however wish the sound weren’t so pronounced. And sad thing is … this is the only place that it happens. I haven’t had it happen anywhere else. Asbestos flooring? One might wonder.

The day is almost over, yet it’s not. I still have to run to AACAL and AHS and pick up homework for K who has been out sick for the past week. This morning her fever was still 101. I’m not a fan of this illness thing going on. I suppose I probably should get to the schools before they lock me out.

You might have noticed the format of the blog has changed a little bit today. This seems to work for me and for now this is how it will be. A good way to end the week I think. More later…


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