Day 30 – How’d that happen?

Superbowl 45 was a bore. I’m sorry to the Packer’s and Steeler’s fans but in the overall scheme of things, the game was boooooooooor-ing. Even the commercials weren’t really up the the normal snuff – though there were a few that reached a level of “awesome” including the Dorito’s “Resurrection”, Mini Darth Vader, the Bridgestone Beaver and the VW commercials. There were a few others, but those actually do stand out in my mind.

However… I do have a gripe. Usually Christina Aquilera can really give a great performance but when she sang the National Anthem she totally boffed it. The Diva took up an entire two minutes (give or take 10 seconds) to sing the national anthem because she wanted to put her own personal flair into it. By doing so – the lyrics went awry. When she was supposed to sing “o’er the ramparts we watched” she sang “what so proudly we watched”. This as well as the off-key singing was a little too much for this ol’ Texas girl. She did finish the song in spite of the screw up and there were plenty of director takes of crying football players, but the mistake can’t be forgotten. In fact, one wonders really why the players were tearing up.

However, at one point and time she actually knew the anthem and could actually sing it… case in point.

In fact, I dare say that if the NFL wanted to get it right they should have done a little something like this—>

In other news, been slowly and steadily working on my 142 days. As for diet… yeah, been better but not great. The Snickers bar I’m enjoying this afternoon is something I refuse to feel horrible about. It’s either eat that or fall asleep face first on the desk. While I see the comedic value of that… probably wouldn’t bode too well.

Lunch break is over. Time to get some real work done. Tally ho!


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