Day 42 – 100 and Counting

Okay, I have a hundred days to go on the resolutions made thus far for 2011. I can’t say that I have made much progress at this point. I am not sure what the deal is with me getting my stuff together. Frustrating at the very least and annoying at best.

Today after I worked for a few hours, I spent approximately 4 hours working on cleaning out boxes I have in the garage of things that need to be shredded or thrown out. We’re talking old bills, checks (LOTS of checks) and papers that I have been hanging onto for no apparent reason. I have many, many drawings the girls have done over the years and I have tons of stuff from work – whether advertising, reporting or law enforcement. I am not certain why I’m keeping a lot of this stuff. I’m trying to sort out in my mind if it’s “sentimental” or if there is stuff I really need to keep. I’m sure some of it is junk and I did make a valiant effort to toss the junk I found today. But seriously, I felt several different times today that I have “mother tendencies.” With that said, I CAN understand how overwhelmed mother must feel with all the crap in the house and trying to go through it all. I only started working on the garage and shish. Hopefully in the next few weeks will show some massive progress. I should set a firm deadline, but with life being as it is, that’s rather hard to do these days.

I’m trying to watch “Eragon” while typing this. The book is amazing and even better than the movie. I’ve read the book several times and WOW. I keep hoping “Eldest” will be released as a movie one of these days soon. However, I have a problem watching this movie. The television in the living room is shot. It still kinda has a picture and has great sound, but slowly (about 10 – 15 at a time) the pixels are dying out. We started out with about 5 dead pixels and now I can say there are several hundred and it’s very difficult to see the TV. I don’t think I will ever want a flat screen like this one again. In fact, the old tube TV’s would be fine by me.

Diet and exercise. Frankly, haven’t been the best the past two days, but the rest of this week was okay. I don’t know that I need to worry quite so much about the food at this point, but I will keep sharing all the cool stuff I have found out. AND I have GOT GOT GOT to get my butt into the gym. I have the feeling I’m going to have to pull an hour or so at the gym 5-6 days a week for the next few weeks to start losing this chunk of weight I have collected. I have a whole lot of mental resistance but I need to do so. I don’t know how those folks on the Biggest Loser workout… they weigh more than me and work out on the show for several hours a day. Guess I need to get my head in the right place yet again. It’s been a few days since I’ve had the right mindset.

Well, tomorrow will be a more relaxing day. I plan on paying some bills, clean off my desk and play some World of Warcraft with my sister. Adios for now…


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