Day 59 – Trying to Sort It All Out

Disasters can come in every shape and form under Heaven and they definitely test our faith. Things have been going a little rough lately at the casa while I don’t truly know if I can classify the situation as a disaster, I can quantify it as “suckage” and massive amounts of it. At this point, I’m not making the overtime I was freakin’ MANDATED to work at the AECC so my paychecks have been smaller than they used to be by quite a bit and this has been going on for the past 6 months. Kyle’s business has slowed down to a snail’s pace (complete with the goo left behind…) and recovery from that slowdown may or may not happen. In the meanwhile, we can’t wait to see if it will turn around so Kyle has been sending out resumes and looking at jobs elsewhere.

I’m hoping something comes through soon on Kyle’s Great Job Hunt of 2011, but I know we also need to get many more resumes out there to make that happen. There are 2 jobs he’s applied for that sound pretty awesome. One is in Dallas and one is in Lake Mary, Florida – just northeast of Orlando by a few minutes. I’ve never pictured myself living in Florida, but stranger things have happened.

Kyle is pretty particular with what he wants to do and I’m not in his head so it’s a little hard to understand sometimes. I guess I have just done so many things workwise that I don’t have a clear understanding of only working less than a handful of jobs in a lifetime and only really feeling comfortable just doing one thing or something closely related to the one thing. I remember the days of working 2 and 3 jobs at a time in order to “survive” and have the feeling I’m at that point again.

Life Lesson #59 Credit cards are EVIL and all kids should stay well clear of them and be taught how in the hell to use them. I will be the first to admit we have our own fair share of debt that we are struggling like hell to repay because we were not taught good fiscal principles by the parental units. I can manage millions of dollars in a business, but can’t seem to manage my own freaking spending. (Not that I’m entirely to blame in this fiasco.) But it is definitely much easier to handle before losing about 3K a month.

And as a side note, I think we finally have the kids diapers, formula and baby clothes paid off. Most of this ever-accumulating debt (interest) has been the result of necessary purchases. Sure, some of the things we have charged over the years weren’t “necessary,” but trust me when I say, “Come look at my house and tell me we have an overabundance of luxury items.” A couple of years when the kids were young, I couldn’t work because the girls were sick all the time. It get’s interesting when I look back at the income taxes during that time because we survived on the credit cards we had. Anyhoooooo….

Seeing as I’m kind of tired of non-paying career choices, I’m having to look at going back into media. I’m not a big fan of that. However, I have found several jobs in New York City that pay well over 100K and with that kind of money, I could find a small place there and in all honesty, we could have 95% of all of our bills paid off in 6-8 months. If I were a little more conservative thinking time-wise because I know stuff happens, I would say 10 months. But everything paid in under a year is completely doable. This would free up a lot of tension financially, but cause a few more problems along the way… the question I have to find an answer for is which of the problems is the worst? God knows I don’t want to live away from my family for a year, but I also know that those guys in the military that go away for a year or a two at a time have family units that somehow survive. Is this that kind of situation and how to look at it? Is it “war?” I’m thinking it might be and I’m going to have to fight to keep my family in a most unorthodox manner.

Ahhhhhhh it’s too late at night to be going round and round on this matter, but I really needed to vent for a few. All of this stuff in my head is just kind of a swirling mass of confusion and maybe just being able to get some of it out is good. I’m going to try to crash and burn now. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will bring some clarity. Bon nuit.


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