Day 66 – The Power of the Horse

There is nothing as powerful in the world as the horse on a young girl’s dreams. I can’t say that every little girl wants a horse, but there’s something magical about them.

When I was young I saw the most magical of all the horses in the world in a show – – – the Lipizzaners. Talk about a fluidity and grace that words can’t begin to define. I remember that first show like I saw it yesterday. Tonight, my mother took me, my DH and my 2 darlings to see them perform in front of a pitifully small audience. The five of us sat in amazement as the enchantment wound it’s spell around our hearts. I love these horses. These horses have the ability to make me want to dream, if only for one night in time. With that said… I think that is what I shall do – go dream. G’Night.


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