Day 95 – A Few Notes

I love the purple haze that settles over the city in the mornings when the sun is coming up behind the buildings. It’s always calming and makes me realize how much I love the “city.” I suppose I’m kind of a big-city girl at heart. I love the open plains and the way you can see for miles as the sun sets in the evening, but there’s something about the way the sun moves and highlights the buildings that’s pretty awesome to me.

I’m taking a quick break and chowing down on an orange. So far, the “diet” has been going well this week and only a few challenges to will-power. I have not deprived myself, but I am being careful to keep things in line with what I need to be eating. So… more fruits and veggies and less crap. As a result of that and some 20 minute workouts (walking, elliptical and such,) I am already noticing a wee, small, little change in the way the pants are fitting. This is a good sign and motivation to keep things going. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for lunch today as I didn’t pack one this morning. I’m thinking maybe a chicken breast, spinach and some salad (that veggie thing is all important.) This is under the assumption I can get Jesus to make this for me.

I watched American Idol last night and just for the record… LOVED the show. There are so many great songs from movies that it would be really hard to narrow down what to sing. There is this little part of me that was hoping someone would TRY to sing the theme song from “Titanic” because it’s one of the hardest to try to master.
But in case you missed it…
Paul’s performance of Bob Segar was forgetable, but don’t know if he will go home. It’s not that he did a bad job, but by the end of the show I actually had to try to remember what he sang.
Haley totally butchered “Call Me” by Blondie. I understand what she was going for, but when you compare it to the original, it comes across as screamy. I think she wore the outfit she did because her singing wasn’t singing.
Casey Abrams did “Nature Boy” and while I love the Nat King Cole song, I think he jinxed himself. I don’t know if that America would see him as an “idol” after that jazz performance.
Stefano and Jacob. Ugh. Can’t stand Stefano at all and Jacob’s Idol career was saved tonight by the song choice, “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” suggested by the mentors. If he had gone with his choices, I’m sure he would have gone home.
Favorites of the night were:
James Durbin doing “Heavy Metal) – he ROCKED it out. I am hoping that next week will be something totally different. He’s a rocker and I would love to hear him doing a rock ballad.
I also enjoyed Lauren Aliana’s “The Climb.” This Miley Cyrus song is a good one and she totally trumped Ms. Cyrus. She was a little bit pitchy in parts, but overall, she sounds so much better than Billy Ray’s princess.
Scotty doin George Straight’s song, “I Cross My Heart” was obvious. He’s good, but I wonder if he’s getting predictable. I would like to see him branch out, take a chance and all that good stuff.

Tonight’s result show should be interesting. There’s some great talent there; however, at this stage in the competition, I would say it’s all about song choice. Tune in for the results tonight on FOX.


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