Radio, Birthdays and Other Adventures

Yesterday was my youngest’s 16th birthday, but because of life and all of it’s adventures, we celebrated with friends and family on Sunday. I would just like to say to my kiddo, “I love you… You are amazing.”

And I would like to add that despite the birthday, I did fairly well on keeping to the diet and instead of eating the two slices of cake and a half gallon of icecream, I had 1 slice of cake (and tried not to eat any of the icing) and had 4oz of the icecream. yay! My calories were exceeded; however, I’m not going to beat myself up over it too much because I got back on track yesterday. The diet is going okay so far. I’m using CalorieKing to track my food and exercise and it’s a program that WORKS.

In other news… I’m totally digging the work at FM90. Being back on the air after such a long hiatus is a little weird, but I’m reconnecting to a part of myself that I hadn’t seen in a while. It’s nice to rediscover yourself after a long absence.
You can catch me and Tommy tonight from 9 til Midnight covering the best alternative music from the 1990’s.

More from the flip side a little later… lunch break is almost over and I need to take a walk.


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