Scrapbooking and Other Adventures

“Scrapbooking fills my days – not to mention my living room, bedroom and closets!”
 ~Author Unknown~

I have decided that scrapbooking is quite the adventure. I had never done one in my entire life and I decided to make one for my eldest daughter’s graduation present a couple of weeks ago. If I knew how much work (and expense) was involved, I would have not procrastinated and started on it a few months earlier. However, my youngest was a lifesaver and the two of us both put in about 62 hours each over the course of a week and a half and got it done on time. Wow.

Since the day we gave Eldest her scrapbook, it has sat all by its lonesome and I have wondered really what the purpose was of doing such a hefty endeavor. I mean, I’m positive she appreciated it. But other than sentimentality, is there really a purpose of such a gift. I wonder if the time and energy might not have been better spent than on a gift that spent laying about a month on darling hubby’s desk and then left laying under a plastic bag with an old banana peel on top of her dresser. 

With that said, I wouldn’t trade the TIME spent with youngest working on the book for anything. And to think I’m contemplating doing another one for youngest in just a few short months. Oy! 


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