C’est Cirque du Soleil

Ceci est d’avant-garde. C’est magnifique. 
C’est cirque du soleil.

I didn’t have the opportunity to see Cirque du Soleil in the theaters when it was released in 2012.  I would say it was my loss, but one never knows, eh?

Last night, for lack of anything better to do, we rented Cirque’s “World Away.”

This is not the first Cirque production I have seen.  In 2001, Cirque released “Alegria,” which I found to be rather magnificent in its own right.  The live show was filmed over the course of three days and I was transfixed -mesmerized by the skill, strength and agility these performers exude.

Fast forward to last night.  This was a dimension of Cirque, a perspective as it were, that couldn’t be captured by sitting in the audience or by sitting and watching “Alegria” or another performance on DVD at home.  The scenes were shot from the rafters on much of this so you see the wires. You see the performers “hanging” what looks to be 70 feet in the air and it’s breathtaking.

If you have a chance, rent it.

If you have a 3D TV – definitely rent it.  This movie was MADE for 3D and while I don’t have a 3D TV I am willing to bet it is spectacular, spectacular..

And if that’s not enough convincing… decent storyline and kick ass soundtrack round it off.  You can never go wrong with the Beatles and acrobatics.


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