No Pain, No Gain?

I’m pretty sure that when whoever coined the phrase, “No pain, no gain,” they were referring to getting in shape. However, tonight I’m pretty sure that applies to cleaning house today for approximately 11 hours. 

My accomplishment – a deep clean on the kitchen and I’m not even done yet. 

I’d like to say this was just a moseying around the kitchen and doing some dishes, taking a break then playing around on Facebook. Not. So. Much. 

For whatever reason under the sun, no one had done dishes all week. I got pissed. And when I reach a certain level of pissed, I clean. I’ve been that way my entire adult life. 

So the dishes got done, the counters were all scrubbed down, the outside of the cabinets were all scrubbed down and then were taken care of with Old English Oil, the walls were scrubbed down… well… I think you get the picture. 

There is; however, one thing that vexed me beyond belief I was trying to take care of and didn’t manage – replacing the lightbulbs in the fridge. 

Son of a purple dragon. 

My darling hubby went out and bought me 3 new bulbs. Three. Because THREE of the four are out. 

I put one in. No workie. I checked the filaments. They’re all good. Perplexed, I tried the bulb in the socket in the freezer. No workie. I left that bulb there and went to pull the other burned out bulb (#3) from  the fridge side and found someone spilled something down the back of the fridge that has hardened like cement. 

For all that is holy… really? Can you not clean up the mess you spill? Is it that freakin’ difficult? 

I slammed the fridge door shut; I got out the parsley cleaner,  Windex (TM), Lysol (TM), etc… and started scrubbing the bathroom which too disgusted me. 

I’m sitting here writing now at 0101 because after the long, long day, I took a hot shower in the somewhat cleaner bathroom and I’m having to let my hair dry a bit before I get in bed. (Plus no other guild members are on Warcraft right now and that’s kind of a bummer.)


Unexpectedly, the fruits of my womb had my “other daughter from another mother” spend the night and I can’t run the hair dryer. That and if I wake darling hubby, I will probably regret it more than I do trying to move my back or legs at the moment. 

So yes. This is not my usual post. I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled programming a bit later. (After I get some sleep and finish cleaning the bathroom if I can actually move…tomorrow.) 

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