Day 2

0139 hours Most experts agree that eating protein, carbs and a little fat with each meal makes for a well-sated appetite and unfortunately, I know I didn’t eat near the protein yesterday that I should have. So… I get to start this post early in the day because obviously I didn’t eat the proper foods yesterday. (What a sad realization.) So I just got done drinking a cup of Light Chocolate Silk (90) and eating 2 blueberry Eggo Waffles (190) with 1 tsp. of butter . Not quite the well-thought out process, but there is quite a bit of protein in the Silk and the rest should be covered. I’m not quite as hungry now and I think all things considered I should be able to get some sleep. G’Night…

1153 hours. I came home for lunch so that I could 1) not eat at my desk, which is oddly enough what I’m doing at the house and 2) eat some leftover chicken soup which has got to be healthy. And I have to say I had a SMALL portion of the apple/oatmeal concoction. This might make up for the fact that I did cheat this morning and had 5 mini oreo cookies and 3 Giradeli (sp) dark chocolate squares. I consider this progress because I want to eat a whole bag of the big oreo cookies and a Snickers Bar. I don’t know if the two glasses of water I drank at work offset that at all, but any progress is good progress.

Which leads me to Life Lesson #2 Don’t beat yourself up if you slip and fall. The point is to get back up and start right where you left off. You don’t have to wait to make changes till the next day, til a Monday, til the cows come home. Start right then and there to make the changes you want to make.

Health and Fitness #2 I did park as far away from the building today to get some exercise in. Actually, I didn’t. I was forced into it because it’s 21 degrees outside and I got there after the early birds. I did however run to the building from the parking lot and then take the stairs and that’s something positive about exercise that we all can do. Add some umph… take two or three stairs at a time. Going up you will definitely feel the “burn” in your backside.

Secondarily to this burning backside moment or primarily (hard to tell,) I did week one of Bob Harper’s Boot Camp Workout tonight. Felt the burn and worked up a sweat. After I got done, Kyle did the same workout. Solidarity!?!? And frankly, if we both can walk tomorrow it will be a good thing. Tally-ho!

Food and Drink #2 I know I have talked a bit about what I have eaten today. However, I thought I would pass along a few things that you may or may not know about those appetizers we know and love.
1) Worst Dips: Spinach Artichoke: 326 calories and 21 grams of fat!
Brie: 401 calories and 33 grams of fat (This is more fat than 2 jelly donuts
2) Better Choices: Hummus: Avg 240 calories and 14 grams of fat (and protein packed!)
Guacamole: 200 calories and 16 grams of fat (homemade… without oil or sour-cream that’s often added in the store bought kind for thickening.

The one and single most important thing in any lifestyle change is to couple the changes you make with drinking plenty of water. Yes, I have had my 8 cups today and yes, I feel like my bladder has taken a trip down the Mississippi. However, it’s one of two ways to get the toxins you build up in your body out. The other of course is exercise.

An exercise we all need is to become more aware of the majesty of the things around us. I can’t help but marvel at all the colors in the sunrise, the individuality of the snowflakes and the drifting fog that floated overhead this morning. I know some say there is no God. I look at this and say, “Prove to me that there isn’t.” Genesis 1.1: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. How awesome.

A final note for the day. Great song to just relax to with a cup of hot tea: “A Place Called Home” by Kim Richey. Check her out and let the cares of the day just wash away.


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