Day 3 – Just thinking …

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you want to listen to music on the radio and the morning DJ’s just won’t shut up? This was one of those mornings. For a few minutes my desperation reached almost Biblical proportions on the way to work and I was listening to Tejano music. Then reason kicked back in and I found myself listening to “Life in a Northern Town” once that station came back out of commercial. It was appropriate because it’s 5 degrees outside with a wind-chill of 4 below. This is proof I need to get my XM radio up and running and a pair of either thermal undies or winter-weight pants. Something in cordoroy or wool would be nice.

Life Lesson #3 Today’s a parenting tip. Because of what I do I find many parents don’t understand one little IMPORTANT lesson. Lift up, don’t bring down. Empower your children and grandchildren so they will understand there is a big, bright future to be earned and they don’t have to accept mediocrity. If you don’t know where to start, here’s how it’s done. Start with the words, “I believe in you;” and believe what you are saying.

Food and Drink #3 Something to try: “ThinkThin” bars. The one I’m chowing on now is “Brownie Crunch.” No sugar and 20 grams of protein / 230 calories. It’s a good option for when you need a little something to eat and don’t want to down a snickers bar which has about the same number of calories, but not the vitamins and protein the ThinkThin bars do. It’s not quite as yummy, but equally as satisfying in the hunger department.

Food for the day:
Hot tea and pineapple for breakfast
Morning “snack” – ThinkThin Bar
Lunch: 1/2 chicken breast, 1 cup of Spanish Rice and a cup of broccoli cheese soup. YUM!!!
Dinner: 4oz Sole, Stuffed baked potato and about 2 tablespoons of peas w/cheese. BLECH!!!!

I can actually say the only sweet thing I have had to eat today is 2 red hots. The problem with me eating sugar is my body immediately thinks it needs to have a LOT more. Fortunately, today wasn’t craving sweets like I have been.

Health & Fitness #3 If you are looking to quell the junk food habit, there’s a “new” study out on something that will help you achieve that goal. Pay with cash. The study showed that only 14 percent of people use cash to grocery shop. Ressearchers think t this could be one of the many factors behind America’s expanding waistlines. Apparently, charging or using a debit card is less emotionally charged than the more immediate and uncomfortable act of parting with hard-earned greenbacks.

Thomas, M. et al., Journal of Consumer Research 2010 Oct 6; doi:10.1086/657331.

I’ve noticed when I pay in cash, I am much more apt to stay away from those inner grocery store isles of temptation and stay on the perimeter where the “good for you” things are located.

Finally… gearing up for tonight’s workout. Tired of looking in the mirror and wondering how I got round. My daughter and I went for a walk and walked each of the dogs earlier. It’s 27 degrees out and one of the puppies is old so we only went a total of about 3 blocks, but that’s okay, Biggest Loser workout still to come.


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