Day 35 – A Saturday … Not in the Park

Good news when I stepped on the scale this morning is I was starting to drop a little bit of anchorage I’ve been carrying around with me. This is the motivation I need to keep it going. One of the best things I have done to help with this is to really enjoy eating. I’ve stopped wolfing down everything in a five mile radius and really chewing food and exploring the actual texture. When I’m taking my time, I don’t eat nearly as much and I truly enjoy the flavors I am eating. Can this be called the “pleasure diet?” We’ll see how it goes after another week or two.

A lot of massive stressors are hitting this weekend for some reason. Kids grades have me perplexed and disgruntled, money woes are rearing their ugly heads, the house is a mess and needs a good and thorough cleaning and that’s just the start of it. There’s a lot of change that’s going to be coming in the next few months and here’s to hoping we all survive it. The accomplishment this weekend for me will come when laundry is done and the master bedroom is picked up.

Food & Drink #35 Blueberries – the health benefits are oh so deliciously awesome.

1) Provide antioxidants. Anthocyanins, the pigments that make blueberries blue, are potent antioxidants: A half cup of blueberries provides the antioxidant power of five servings of peas, carrots, apples, squash or broccoli.
2) Are a healthy, low glycemic-index carbohydrate, an especially good choice for diabetics.
3) Are a source of vitamin C, important for a healthy immune system.
4) Help meet your need for daily fiber – two grams per one-half cup serving.
5) Have shown promise in addressing the effects of aging: animal studies have demonstrated improved motor skills and a reversal of age-related short-term memory loss associated with consuming blueberries.
6) May have other health benefits ranging from preventing cancer and defending against urinary tract infections to protecting the brain from stroke damage and reducing heart disease risks.

Food tally for the day:
Breakfast: Rudis Organic multigrain bagel w/ Horizon Organic cream cheese (Yeppers. Organic baby!) Also 1 cup of Light Chocolate Silk and 1/4 cup blueberries
Morning Snack: Frigo Light Cheese Stick
Lunch: 2 Ezekiel tortillas, 1 laughing cow cheese wedge split between them, 1 slice of ham on each tortilla, unk amount of raw spinach (a cup and a half maybe?) and about 3/4 cup sprouts total split on each. Also had 1/4 cup blueberries
Afternoon Snack: A wonderfully delicious Gala apple and 1 oz of mixed nuts including: peanuts, pistachios, almonds, and cashews.
Dinner: TBA BUT….. Planning on steak, potatoes and mini-cheesecakes for dessert. This is all from Omaha Steaks and was a gift from my mother. The key here is moderation and not to eat everything in front of me just because it’s there. I’m also thinking I need to add in some other veggies. Veggies are soooo yummy!

I actually had two little Lifesavers candies today. The apple I ate was far more fulfilling. As part of the food enjoyment plan, I actually did nothing other than eat and eat slowly. I discovered I really enjoy almonds (which I have always known.) I am not a huge fan of peanuts and pistachios are pretty yummy too.

Feeding the Spirit #35 Going to try to make it to church tonight. We’ve all talked about going to a Saturday night service for a long time. Hoping it happens. Will advise later.


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