Day 36 – Sunday Again?

Well, I woke up late, fed the dogs and realized without a shadow of a doubt I missed church again. I’m not sure how this happens. We wanted to go last night and due to poor planning and what can only be described as a cleaning-fest, we missed it too. Rather frustrating. I can’t say that the state of the house justifies not going to church.

The family has been talking about moving. I don’t think that anyone would really contend that we could make the move to NYC right now (though I found a wonderful and “overpriced” apartment in Flushing, Queens that would be awesome.) However, Dallas isn’t out of the question and I, for one, think that is going to be the best idea, We will have to see what happens of course, but if something doesn’t change around here soon, it will get ugly really quickly. I’m sure there will be more details to come.

Life Lesson #36 This isn’t actually the 36th life lesson, but it is day 36 which is how this numbering system came about. It’s the only way I can keep things straight in my own mind right now. So…. life lesson or maybe life advice to make you think…

If you haven’t achieved it yet, what do you have to lose?

Maybe this should be more of a food for thought than a life lesson, eh?

Food & Drink #36 Spinach another super fabulous wonder food.

Spinach is considered one of the healthiest and most beneficial vegetables of all time. It has lots of vitamins, proteins, antioxidants and essential nutrients that promote good health and well-being. The only real downside about spinach is it really needs to be consumed as soon as possible because the longer left refrigerated, the more nutrients it loses.

Reasons to Eat Spinach

* It is super-loaded with Vitamin A, which makes it beneficial for weak eyes. Any kind of strain on the eyes is reduced to a great extent and the eye muscles are made stronger. (At least that’s the theory.)
* The thickening and hardening of arteries is prevented due to substances like choline and inositol, which are present in significant amounts to make sure the blood arteries remain healthy.
* Diabetics can particularly benefit from spinach since it is known that eating spinach regularly can stabilize blood sugar and prevent it from fluctuating often. Take a few handfuls of spinach and add 3 cups of water. Place it over low flame for almost an hour till it boils completely and mixes the nutrients in the water. Strain it and allow it to cool. Drink ½ cup daily to stabilize blood sugar.
* A particular substance known as flavonoid is present in spinach which is a powerful anti-oxidant and also has anti-cancer agents like carotenoid, preventing the formation of tumors.
* Spinach is known to be an anti-aging vegetable and reverses age related breakdowns, making you youthful and fresh. It also has a good amount of Vitamin K which helps in the clotting of blood in case of injuries.

Food tally for the day:
Breakfast: 1 Rudis Organic Multigrain Bagel, 1 T. Horizon Organic Cream Cheese, 1/2 C. Grapefruit and 1/2 Cup Light Chocolate Silk
Morning Snack: Frigo Light Cheese Stick
Lunch: 1 Ezekiel Tortilla, 1/2 Laughing Cow Herb Cheese, 2 slices deli chicken, Spinach, Sprouts, and a sprinkling of dried cranberries and 6 Lifesavers for Dessert
Afternoon Snack: 15 Grapes and 1 oz Mixed Nuts (It’s amazing how full you actually feel when you eat the right foods and eat them slowly.)
Dinner: Broiled tilapia, Romaine Lettuce Salad, Giovanni Giant Ravioli Tomato & Mozzarella (A serving size is 5 pieces, but had 3.5 pieces. Afterall, this is the pleasure diet not the watch everyone else eat yummy things and then go in a binge later.)

Dessert: I’m experimenting with “healthy” banana cookies – have some allspice, nutmeg, vanilla, dried cranberries, applesauce, bananas (of course) an egg and oatmeal… they are in the oven baking at this time. If for any reason they suck, I shall never mention them again.

Feeding the Spirit #36 Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. Joshua 1:8


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