Day 74 – Abs, Butt, Thighs… Brains?

I know I’m basically a masochist, but even out of shape, I subscribe and avidly read a few of the fitness magazines out there. However, I got to thinking about what each one offers if they are all offering basically the same thing? Is there a real reason to get more than one? These are some of the cover headlines from two of my favorite fitness mags – both April 2011 editions.

The No-Diet Diet: Low Cal Meals that Truly Satisfy

56 Slimming Meals that Rev Your Metabolism

Flat Abs Fast

Keep Your Curves, Lose the Extra

Boost Your Energy

23 Ways to Boost Your Energy

I could probably go back several months and find many other instances, but I don’t think it would be mere coincidence. However, as I really do need to work on the de-chunkification of the body that has collected chunk like Charlie Sheen has collected bimbos. It’s hard when the body doesn’t want to cooperate physically because of things that have gone fubar, but I figure eventually it will happen.

(Slam Segue)
I’m watching Billy Madison tonight while working on this. I have lost 37 IQ points and I have a couple of brain cells that are running down the street begging for mercy – yet I watch. Oh. Commercial is over…. hasta for now.


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