The Noggin’ Chronicles Part 2

Journaled 04-01-23

I don’t know if you guys want or care to read about these adventures of mine, but here I am nonetheless. I’d honestly rather be at home, but the hotel isn’t bad. We are staying at the SpringHill Suites by Marriott off the Northwest Highway. This was a good decision on my part. I’m not crazy about the part of town we are in – not that I’ve really gotten out, but I think this hotel offers the amenities that we need for the stay. At least it’s pretty much the epitome of quiet, which helps this abused head of mine. 

I can’t say enough amazing things about my poor hubby who’s waiting on me like I’m the queen or something. He is also keeping me in line – making me get up regularly and walk laps around the hotel suite. So I walk from the bay window to the door and back again. It sucks, but he’s right. 

The view from the bay window toward the hotel room door. The room is divided by an actual door between the bed/bath area and the “living” area.

Ooooh… he also helped me get my first shower since Wednesday morning.  I still cannot wash my hair ( or what’s left of it,) but at least I smell like a human and have clean jammies on. I’m also utterly exhausted by all the moving around. However, the shower was indeed worth it. 

A few observations: 1) I can turn my head to the right side a little bit and to the left a bit more. You have no idea how many times a day you turn your head until you cannot. 2) My head is heavy. Today I’m really feeling the “aftermath” of the surgery and holding my head up takes more effort than I like. I’m particularly grateful for the travel pillow as it helps to some degree. It’s also handy for keeping ice packs in place. 3) You have no idea how many times you have to look down, reach down or do anything “down” until you cannot. It’s entirely stupid not to be able to bend down to pick something off the floor. However, this is a strict instruction because I cannot risk raising the blood pressure in my head. I was told this multiple times and it’s also written on every surgical instruction thingy I’ve received. I accidentally reached down once to pick up something off the floor. That’s officially a hard “Nope” for me. 

Pic Courtesy Carlos Obrien
It’s really a long way down to the ground, especially if you aren’t supposed to “go there.”

I’m also supposed to take my BP every 12 hours, but I don’t have a cuff or anything. I didn’t know I was going to need one until after surgery otherwise I would have brought one down. (However, my BP normally runs low so I’m not too worried.) I honestly don’t see the point of buying one at this particular point.  Hubs actually went to the Walmart near the hotel right after I was released from the hospital. Not a one. They did actually have a thermometer, another thing I could have brought from home had I known, but I have to make sure I’m not running a fever as well. (So far, so good.)

That specific Walmart had an unusually  crummy selection of clothing, but I can’t complain. Why? Hubs bought me the MOST comfy jammies on the face of the earth. I think I need a few more pairs. (Just sayin’.) Unfortunately,  the reality of this situation is I’m actually going to have to buy a few more things to make healing from surgery easier. I should have taken to heart the advise from others who have gone through this surgery with more urgency, but you know me… I apparently like to learn things the hard way. 

Side note: You may not know this about me, but fact: I deplore shopping for clothes and shoes, evidenced by wearing the same things repeatedly whether they “look good” or not. (This is also part of the problem with finding something for Eldest’s wedding, an entirely different beast, but suffice it to say, I hate shopping for clothes.) This really should be it’s own post… I digressed. Truly sorry.

Unfortunately, Eldest and Youngest are bearing the brunt of Hubs and I being gone. I didn’t realize we’d be down here so long. I thought I’d be back at home in my own bed by now, but, their plans have been completely interrupted by this mayhem. Again, had I known…. 

I also wanted to take the time to say a most sincere thank you for the prayers and the encouraging words, text messages and memes that have lifted my spirits. There’s no possible way I can every repay that kind of love and support, but it has meant the world to me and by extension, Hubs. 

Now it’s time to eat some more soup and try to get some rest in. I did a bit much today, but I’ll figure it all out at some point. Much love ❤ 


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