The Noggin’ Chronicles Part 3

Surgery Updates: Day 3 / 04-02-23


Not what you were expecting, eh? Neither was I, nor do I have them.  I do however have an itching about the noggin’ that is indescribably weird. 

A lot of my head is still very numb and likely will be for some time. However, the parts I actually can feel have me grossly attuned to the fact that the shaved hair is growing out and I just want it to stop. I mean, how do Marines cope with this? And Thank God it’s not 109 in the shade with sweat dripping from the cranium. I can only imagine. On the plus side, I think I’m going to get to wash my hair at some point today. I’d do a Snoopy dance here, but that requires energy I cannot muster. 

Pic: Grim1978

I’m also hoping that housekeeping comes through sooner rather than later. (I want a nap and fighting the meds to stay awake for said momentous occasion is hard.) We’ve been tidying the room ourselves, but after more than a few days here, I’d like some fresh towels and TP. Especially the TP. There’s a great many things in life I can do without, but TP is rather an essential.  Boy, I wish they would arrive. Maybe a nap is actually in order…


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